Loren the Strange


Loren was never the most physical kid around but that wasn’t much of an issue since he was born under a lordship and didn’t spend his days working the fields or playing with the boys of the commoners, mostly kicking balls and playing ridiculous physical games. His mother and father preferred pen over sword.

His father, a wealthy land owner spent their money collecting a large library, much to the awe of many other of the lords around. He didn’t really bother with the content of the books as much as the size of his library. almost 2 decades ago a plague, not a harsh as the current one of course got many people in the kingdom sick including Loren and his parents. Though he wasn’t active his body wasn’t devoid of all strength. He was able to pull through where few other had. His parents were lost to the plague and left the land and business in the hand of a pre-teen.

A few years went by and he listened to the advise of others allowing the business to be run as he delved into his books. He became more and more distant. It wasn’t that the books had really interested him but was more to do with the fact that he didn’t believe in dieties, and magic and the like but that all things could be explained by science.

Through his research he not only found the importance of physical training but deduced by the science of anatomy how to do so effectively and he turned on of the storage barns into his own work area, much to the disappointment of his advisers.

Soon he came upon a book. It was bound more wrecklessly than the others. It’s pages worn, the handwriting very difficult to read. He passed over the book several times but the drawings in the book intrigued him. Something about a generator, that harnessed energy to be used. Some might call it magic even the book itself called it a form of magic. That’s the what ignorance calls modern marvels.

He began ordering parts, tools, and began crafting his own equipment. One stormy evening, Loren harnessed the power of lightening which was captures in a ‘mobius core’; The orange glowing core, a heavy glass and steel aparatus is strapped to his his back, and is used to power his inventions.

The more he worked the more secluded he became. of course smithing isn’t an easy task and so he put on considerable muscle and other than the scraggly hair and beard he would have appeared quite handsome. However, he has all but squandered away his family fortune.

His trips into town concerned the people. Always a new gadget sparking, constant whirring and ticking. As strange as he was, many would venture to his dilapidated house and state of the art shop to ask for assistance. How to grow better crops, questions about weather patterns. Sometimes he would oblige other times he wouldn’t. Depended on his mood.

His tendencies coined him the term Loren the Strange, while others who he had helped referred to him as doctor strange.

Recently he’s been followed around by a steam driving clanky mechanical quadraped that seemed to have it;s own intellignece and the way that Loren talked to it made others think it was intelligent or he was not.

If anyone took the time or the care they would realize that Loren was using some innate magic that he had always possessed. Others tried to use his creations and failed, he assumed they were too stupid to do so. It wasn’t the lightening that powered the cores, it was Lorens belief that they could power the core that allowed the lightening to work. That was also why the inventions worked, and why the cores though drained for the day didn’t completely drain and didn’t require lightening top ups. His belief in science and the imbueing of his on mobius energy that kept them moving,

Loren the Strange

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