Background Traits

The Believer- The church has been receiving a lot of blame for the recent sickness that has affected so many. Some blame the corruption and politics of the leaders in the religion and see the sickness as a punishment brought on by the god/gods. Others have begun overwhelming the church’s with those in need of healing or with so many prayer requests but there just isn’t enough holy men and women to help everyone. Whatever the case may be, you have been sent to answer the lord’s call for help. (+3 circumstance bonus on knowledge religion, planes, nobility and history)

The Scientist- You’ve always been the smartest person you know. Who better than you to answer the call of Lord Lotano? You might not know exactly what is going on but you are confident you can figure it out. (+2 intelligence score)

The Survivor- You have been living off this land for as long as you can remember. Hunting, fishing, gathering, and scavenging have taught you the skills necessary to not have to rely on the local farming community for food. However you have noticed a drastic change in the wildlife population as well as the availability of natural plant food sources as of late. You were sent by your tribe’s wise ones to find out what is going on. (+5 circumstance bonus to Survival checks and a +3 bonus to knowledge nature checks)

The Farmer- After seeing your crops wither away for seemingly no reason and your family taking on a disease you have never seen before you decide it is time to step up and do something about it. You travel to the lord’s keep answering the call for help. (You gain Catch Off-Guard and Throw Anything as bonus feats)*

The Shepherd- Like The Farmer, except with livestock instead of crops. (Gain an animal companion regardless of class {use druid class ability} and a +3 circumstance bonus to Handle Animal and you can use the skill untrained)*

*Note: The Farmer and The Shepherd can be combined but you will only be allowed one bonus from each of the two traits.

Background Traits

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