History Lesson

For the past month there have been rumors of a sickness spreading throughout the fiefdom. Lord Lotano’s staff have ensured the people that this is not the case. However prices on food have gone up, people have either not been showing up to work or many that do exhaust quickly and the churches have been filling up with those in need of healing or comfort. Just yesterday Lord Lotano put forth the word that he is calling for hearty adventurers to meet at Castle Cohiba for the opportunity to save the fiefdom from the plague that he had sworn was not true.

Around 30 years back there was a goblin tribe that lived in the swamps near the fiefdom. They would often raid the farms and ranches never seriously injuring anyone and so they were mostly left alone. But one day late at night they organized a massive raid on every farm and ranch at the same time. They slaughtered nearly every farmer and rancher and burned their property. Eventually militia arrived and routed the goblins back to the swamplands. An uneasy treaty was agreed upon both sides that the goblins would no longer attack in exchange for a monthly offering of food stocks. This is known as the Mician* Treaty.

Mician is the term given by the townsfolk to the farmers and ranchers of Mouseville. Mouseville is not actually a town but more of a farmer’s market, albeit a large one. It is called Mouseville because of the numerous field mice that inhabit the only farmable area in the fiefdom.

*Pronounced MY-see-an

History Lesson

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